Our mission is to promote a culture where asking for help is not only okay but encouraged and celebrated.

We believe collaboration and inclusivity are essential for personal growth and success, and we are dedicated to creating safe, thriving environments that embrace diversity, equity, and well-being.

We believe that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but an act of true strength.

We encourage individuals to ask for help and be of help, whether they need assistance or have expertise to share.

We support an openness and willingness to help and be of service where you can safely assist and are asked.

We aim to inspire and empower others to seek out the assistance they need to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

By valuing and embracing differences, we can create a stronger and more vibrant community that benefits everyone.

Where giving help is not putting yourself above the other but as a means to rise together.

Fostering a system where we all help and are helped by each other, removing status, rank, or pretense.

In doing so, we aspire to create an environment where people feel empowered to express their ideas and concerns, to develop and use their unique voices, and to learn and develop without the fear of negative consequences.

To symbolize our dedication to this mission, we display a distinct emblem that represents our steadfast commitment to promoting and defending a supportive and nurturing community where it is ok to ask for help.